Nam Hoa Temple Internal Arts DVD:
Energy Workout, Pressure Points & Meditation

When one begins to train in Tai Chi and Qigong forms, the benefits of the practice can often be several months away, as one has to focus on learning and remembering the complexities of a form.  The Energy Workout complements the Nam Hoa form practice by providing benefits from the very beginning.  The energy workout is divided into four sections: Breath, Joints, Energy, and Integration. This routine, approximately 25 minutes as shown, focuses first on the breath and establishes our connection to vital life force (chi). Then the joints are opened to the free flow of chi. A series of swings facilitates energy flow through the body. Then these focuses are integrated with a series of four movements.  Finally, the major pressure points in the head are massaged. 

This set of exercises is very beneficial in itself, but it is also a great way to warm up the body and focus the mind before Tai Chi and Qigong practice.  The DVD also features the Master's "7 Steps to Artful Living", a guided meditation.



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