Nam Hoa Temple of

Internal Arts Association

The Instructor’s Path



The Nam Hoa Association tradition includes six core forms and supplementary practices. It has been taught as in the ancient Chinese temple manner through oral tradition passing from Grand Master to Master, Master to Teacher, Teacher to Instructor and Instructor to student.  It is the choice of the Master to invite a committed student, who has a strong command of the form to become an Instructor in the Nam Hoa tradition.  In some instances the Teacher(s) and/or Senior Instructors facilitate the Instructor Training program under the watchful eye of the Master or Teacher.

After invitation and acceptance into the Instructor Training Program (ITP), a trainee may study in a formal or informal program as approved by the Master (or the Teacher in his absence).  The time commitment, cost and curriculum of the program may be different depending on the program type; all trainees become certified with the permission of the Nam Hoa Master or his designee.

Progress towards the Instructor Certification is determined by individual ability and commitment and is recognized and awarded by the Master or Teacher after evaluation.  Entry into an instructor training program does not guarantee the certification award.  Students interested in the Instructor Certification should contact their instructor or teacher in their area for more information.

As it was in the ancient temple system, there is also a path to be followed by the Instructor to become a Teacher with the Nam Hoa Temple of Internal Arts Association.  Instructors follow the path of Instructor Trainee, Assistant Instructor, Certified Instructor, Senior Student, Senior Instructor and finally Teacher. 

Instructor Invitation

There are several ways to request entry to the Instructor Training program.  One way is for an instructor of the local Nam Hoa Association, to recommend the student to the Teacher, Senior Instructor or Senior Student.  Another way would be for one of those parties to invite a student into the program.  This is usually done individually, although one of those groups may hold an “Instructor Training Presentation” that calls for all interested parties to attend and find out information about the Instructor program. 

To find out more information on your local Nam Hoa Instructor Training program, speak with your instructor who will refer you to the appropriate contact in your area.