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Jude receives Master Credentials

In February 2016, Master Jim bestowed the title of Master in the Nam Hoa tradition to Jude Forsyth. In his ever-gentle, and always humerous but sincere way, the 'ceremony' was typical Master Jim. As I understand it, the exchange went something like this during one of their routine phone conversations:

Master Jim initiates the phone call.

Teacher Jude, upon seeing the caller ID answers, "Hello, Master Jim."

Master Jim replies, "Hello, Master Jude."

There follows a long period of silence on the line.

You can imagine for yourself all of the emotions and gratitude that occured on both sides during the silence, which progressed when Master Jude was finally able to speak.

I continue to be grateful for what both of these Masters have given me personally, for their sharing of the practice and themselves. They were the Masters that appeared when I as the student was ready. Please join me in congratulating them as they continue their respective journeys, and I look forward to the continued growth of our tradition.

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