New Instructors Certified

Contgratulatons to Kevin Smith, Jan Watson, Jane Copland and Bill Croneberg for their recent Certification as Instructor of Internal Arts!


Master Jim Visits Tidewater Nam Hoa

Master Jim is expected to arrive this evening (Oct 5) in Virginia Beach for Chi Week with the students and instructors of Tidewater Nam Hoa.  His visit includes a Longevity Tree session on Wednesday night, followed by a reception.  Teacher Jude will arrive Thursday and join him and fellow students for a workshop focused on the Yang and Tiger forms that evening. Friday night he will be visiting with instructors and then Saturday and Sunday he join approximately 20 Nam Hoa artists at Piankatank River Resort for retreat.  Master Jim will officiate over the Instructor Award ceremony Saturday night and then travel back to California on Monday evening. 


Tom Wolf Awarded Senior Instructor


In February 2010 Tom Wolf, Senior Student teaching at Bending Tree Tai Chi was awarded the title Nam Hoa Senior Instructor for the Tidewater area by Master Jim Scott-Behrends.  The award was presented in a surprise gathering of Nam Hoa students, instructors and guests at Bending Tree Tai Chi by Teacher Jude Forsyth during her visit to the group in March.

Here is the text of that award and a picture of Tom Wolf, Teacher Jude, Senior Student Phil Szpiech, as Tom accepts his award.

For All Nam Hoa Students:

In the Tidewater, Virginia area, TOM WOLF is the Nam Hoa instructor with the combination of the most Nam Hoa system experience and the Instructor with the most classroom experience.  

Tom’s services to Master Jim and Teacher Jude are well known and appreciated by the entire Nam Hoa community.

Tom’s dedication to his own practice and his pursuit of understanding and enlightenment in the advanced forms and supplementary practices can be seen by all observers and is known by his guides and fellow students.

Tom’s devotion to his fellow instructors, existing and new, in the keeping of the classroom form, in his many deeds of service for the group, and in his capacity as the leader of the Nam Hoa faculty is noted by all.

Tom’s commitment to the continuance of the Nam Hoa tradition has been displayed by his service and leadership in Tai Chi East-West Alliance and Bending Tree Tai Chi Kung.

Not for one of these but for all of them-

            Tom Wolf

     is awarded the title of

Nam Hoa Senior Instructor


Master Jim Scott-Behrends

       February 1, 2010



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