Sampling the Asian Wellness Practices


Teacher Jude hosted a new workshop last weekend in Mary Esther, Florida. Participants registered for "Sample the Asian Wellness Practices" and then enjoyed two hours of needle-free acupuncture, Thai massage and qigong tai chi. The workshop was followed by a six course luncheon that allowed students to enjoy Japanese, Thai and Chinese food. 

A local restaurant owner opened the facility for the presentors who came in early to rearrange the tables and set up spaces for the tai chi class and the break out sessions. While the workshop was finishing in a Q & A session, the owners reset the tables for the luncheon.

Teacher Jude offered a one hour class that featured some of the Energy Workout, meditation practices and the beginning of the Longevity Tree form.  Later at lunch, she shared some of Thich Nhat Hanh's mindful eating verses and spoke about the concept of mindfulness in every day practices. Presenters volunteered material for a take home bag shaped like a Japanese garment. The owner's little girl finished the event by handing out a fortune cookie.

All enjoyed learning and practicing the wellness practices, new friendships were made, and everyone agreed how wonderful the food was and vowed to return to Yummys Restaurant. Participants were invited to attend tai chi classes in the area and to further their wellness journey with Thai massage and acupuncture.

The workshop will be offered again in the future.


Annual California Retreat


 Nestled in the coastal mountains, three hours north of Los Angeles,

is the magical retreat center of Zaca Lake. Come and enjoy a

peaceful weekend of Tai Chi practice in a location of serene beauty.

 Participants will have the opportunity to practice a variety of Tai Chi

related arts, such as form work, energy development, and meditation.

Swimming, hiking, and boating are also available.

 Besides the wealth of activities, there will also be great food, live entertainment, and the chance to get together with old friends or make new ones.

 The dates of the retreat are:  June 24, 25, 26, 2011

 The cost for the weekend, including all meals, lodging and training

is $275 (payable by June 15) $175 if you book your own cabin (25% discount if you let Zaca know you are with the Tai Chi group). Zaca 805-688-5699  Space is limited, a $50 deposit is suggested.

  For more information about this event please contact:

Mary,   831-335-9390



World Tai Chi in Florida

Local Tai Chi Groups Participate in International Event 

  Saturday, April 30 was the 13th Annual World Tai Chi Qigong Day in over 70 countries. This year local Tai Chi schools participated with the 1st Annual Emerald Coast World Tai Chi Qigong Day in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Members from Blue Willow Wellness, Black Dragon Martial Arts, and Eight Treasures Qigong met in Liza Jackson Park to celebrate the day and participate in what they called an energy wave. At 10 am across the world, people in 70 countries stood in meditation, creating the image of healing energy around the globe and then performed Tai Chi movements.

  Jude Forsyth, teacher with Blue Willow Wellness is the Emerald Coast World Day founder and organized the local event.
“I have enjoyed World Tai Chi day in many locations and I wanted students and the public to have the chance to enjoy it here too, “said Forsyth.

  When the gong struck at 10 am the groups, having gathered along the sound side of the park began performing their own style of Tai Chi or Qigong for 15 minutes with the idea of collectively moving healing energy around the world to heal the earth and its people.

“It was wonderful to participate with thousands of people across the planet. Just knowing that we were all one people regardless of our citizenship or politics was very inspirational,” said Forsyth.
  After the groups participated together, each school took a turn to speak about their style of Tai Chi or Qigong and then demonstrated their movements.

“It is always interesting, especially for the beginner students, to see different styles of this ancient internal art. It is fun too, for them to share their art, “said Forsyth.

  Forsyth stated that Bill Douglas who lives in California founded the movement in 1998 to help the public better understand Tai Chi and to promote fellowship between the schools.  His movement blossomed from participation in America to the now over 70 countries that host world tai chi day activities.

“I think Bill proved once again how one person who is passionate about something can change the world. It is an amazing thing to see the pictures of people in Sweden, Turkey, Venezuela, countries all over the world, do what we do here in Fort Walton Beach,” explained Forsyth.  “I think peace would be a lot closer if the people of the world would quiet their minds and connect with nature just once a week.”

  Members of the different groups hosted a reception afterwards and groups began to mingle and discuss their passion for Tai Chi.  Beginners and advanced students, instructors, teachers and even two Tai Chi Masters were present to enjoy the event.

“I really enjoyed meeting the different folks,” said Monda Duncan with the Black Dragon group. “It was great to see their forms and talk with them afterwards. I am definitely coming to next year’s event.”
  Forsyth, an exercise physiologist as well as a certified Tai Chi Teacher hopes more people will come to enjoy the health benefits of the ancient practice. She offers a complimentary class just so people can try Tai Chi and Qigong.

“Of all the exercise and mind, body, spirit classes, I truly believe Tai chi is the right ancient practice for our modern times. It has so much to offer as it is both a meditation and an exercise.  Our busy culture needs to slow down,” said Forsyth.

Pictures can be seen on the photo page under events.


Yang Certification

Congratulations to Long Beach, CA instructor Sue Ahrend who certified in Yang Application December 5, 2010.  Read about Sue on the "About Our Instructors" page. 


New Class

Teacher Jude has started a new set of classes at Saint Mary Catholic Church.  The Nam Hoa group, Blue Willow Tai Chi, contracted with the church officals to bring the program to Wednesday mornings and evenings at the Parish Life Center in Fort Walton Beach. Interested parties in the area can contact her at 850-226-9355 or see the "Locations" page for information on this class.